Welcome to Equifax's Correction Portal

Would you like to submit a corrections request or check the status of a previously submitted corrections request?

Instruction: To submit a correction request, you will require specific details of the entries you are disputing such as the date the entry was listed on your file, account/reference numbers and amounts. Please ensure you have the details of all dispute entries before proceeding with the submission of a correction request. If you do not have a current copy of your credit report or the specific details of the disputed entries, you may not able to complete the correction request form. Should you need to obtain a copy of your credit report, please follow this link (www.mycreditfile.com.au).

Please ensure you are submitting legitimate correction requests only. If there is an entry on your credit report for which you do not have a specific dispute or you are aware is correctly listed, please do not raise a correction request regarding the entry. If you need help with the submission of your correction request you can contact us on 1300 762 207.